We Like to Party: Our Peddlers Enjoy Awesome Drink Specials

We Like to Party: Our Peddlers Enjoy Awesome Drink Specials

Pedaling our giant bikes can leave you feeling thirsty! Good thing some of the amazing bars in Boulder and Fort Collins have partnered with us to create signature cocktails and offer drink specials just for people on the MyHandleBar tours!



West End Tavern has created a beer cocktail just for us! Stop by and give The “Broken Spoke” a try. The cocktail is made with Mothership Wit beer, Citronge, Conton Ginger Liqueur and Apple Izze. Yum! Also, anytime you stop by West End Tavern on a MyHandleBar tour you are guaranteed happy hour prices no matter what time!


Shooter’s Grill & Bar wants to make sure you are fully hydrated with electrolytes. Stop by here on while on the tour to receive $2 iX MiXer well drinks! iX MiXer is a cocktail mixer that helps reduce your hangover in the morning. We love iX MiXer and we just want you to enjoy a cocktail or two without a hangover.


Lazy Dog Sports Bar & Grill has an awesome patio upstairs. Relax out there with happy hour prices anytime if you are on one of our tours. (They also serve up some mean iX MiXer cocktails, just make sure to ask your bartender for iX)

Get your tequila on at Tahona Tequila Bistro. Besides from their awesome tequila selection, which I highly recommend you try, you can score happy hours deals all night long when you party with us!

Now, if you are getting a little hungry on your ride around Boulder, stop by Pizza Colore! All riders get 15% off of their order. You can eat as you pedal and wash that delicious pizza down with an iX MiXer. (We also have ix MiXer available on the bike!)

Last, (but not least!) we recommend that you stop by Next Door. We haven’t quite worked out a deal here yet, but their prices and drinks are so great that you really need to go here.


Fort Collins

The Fort Collins Brewery has an amazing beer selection. When cruising around on MyHandleBar, make sure to stop by the tasting room for $1 off all pints. Yup, you heard me right! Plus if you grab a bite to eat here, you will get $2 pints!

Have you tried the new brewery in Fort Collins yet? Well here is your chance! Pateros Creek Brewing Company offers riders $1 off pints and $1 off tasting trays.

Hungry? Choice City will feed all MyHandleBar riders dollar sliders and let you wash it down with $1 off your beer choice. They were ranked #7 in the world for an awesome beer selection.

Located in the heart of old town square Fort Collins, Cooper Smith’s Pub & Brewing will let you carb up on their beer for only $2! You can’t pass up this stop up!

Equinox Brewing will give you a little taste of everything! MyHandleBar partygoers receive $1 off taster trays!

Thanks to all of the amazing bars that are offering our riders deals! Keep pedaling and remember to hydrate often.

Also check out the Pedal Chasers every Wednesday night in Fort Collins and Boulder. Every Wednesday night you can join our pay-per-seat pub crawl!

(iX MiXer is one of our partners and has been supplying us with free product on both the Boulder and Fort Collins bikes for the summer. To learn more about them visit their website.)


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