The Mustache Gift Guide: Give the Gift of ‘Stache!

The Mustache Gift Guide: Give the Gift of ‘Stache!

We all want to give gifts that show people how much we love and care about them. And what better way to show that appreciation and gratitude than mustache gear! There is such a large variety of awesome ‘stache gifts, you can find something for everyone on your list.

For the “always willing to drink with you” friend-

This is the person you can always turn to when you’ve had a rough day and just want to sip on some Jack Daniels and not be judged. They are always down for a good time and you can count them in no matter what the occasion – as long as drinking will be involved. The ‘Stache Flask is the perfect gift to tell them thank you for all the booze and support they’ve provided you.

For the “you’re kind of a creepy stalker” guy-

You met them at the bar once and now seem to run into them everywhere. You want to be nice but really prefer to be left alone. Stache soap is the way to go. It says, “Listen, I’m sure you are a great guy but you really freak me out and you smell REALLY bad. And I mean this in the most sincere way possible.”

For the “random tips” buff-

They are always ready to tell you some random shit– usually you don’t even want to know where they learned about it. They are full of so much useless yet ridiculously entertaining knowledge. You always walk away from a conversation learning something new, whether you wanted to or not. The Great Moustaches Mug is the perfect gift for them.

For the friend who can never make up their mind-

Sometimes you wonder why you are friends. You sit at their house for hours as they sort through their entire closet for something to wear, only to end up wearing the first thing they tried on. Then make the server come back five separate times before they are ready to order, and still end up worrying if they ordered the right entrée for dinner. You love them to death but every once in a while might want to strangle them. The choose your moustache mug lets them know that you understand them and never want them to settle for a ‘stache they are unhappy with.

For the art enthusiast-

An assortment of mustache pencils is a thoughtful way to support their passion- even if you don’t think they are any good. You understand that their emotions help inspire their latest masterpieces and know they can also choose from a variety of mustaches to match how they are feeling.

For the “I don’t really want to be friends with you” friend-

It says, “I felt obligated to get you something even though I really didn’t want to. Yes I know, I am both funny and witty but really, I still don’t know how we are friends.” The Talking Keyring Mustache is the perfect little something for the people you don’t really want to buy a gift for, but you get them something just to make them feel special.

No matter who the special people in your life are, we are certain there is a mustache gift that is perfect for them all. Happy holidays to everyone. We hope and wish for mustache rides for all!


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