Rocky Mountain Beard And Moustache Club

Rocky Mountain Beard And Moustache Club

Photo From RMBMC's Facebook Page

Photo From RMBMC’s Facebook Page

Somehow we missed the memo but possibly you have heard of the phenominal club in Ft. Collins- The Rocky Mountain Beard and Moustache Club!

The exact description of the overly-manly club states “an all inclusive club for those who grow, love, and support facial hair.” They also point out “Rocky Mountain Men have been growing our facial hair to combat the elements since man inhabited the caves of the Rocky Mountains”. It appears that this club is in full support of all things related to anything hair of the face. And so are we.

Events this club has created include things such as “First Tuesday Meetup”, where the group offers a ride to Loveland with an undetermined return time, and participating in the Ft. Collins’ St. Patrick’s Day parade on bikes and funky vehicles, beards and ‘staches in full swing. The next big event is the 2nd Annual Beard and Mustache Competition on June 7th!!

So if you, or your friends have a fantastic handlebar moustache, a beard of epic proportions, or have a love for facial hair, spread the word of the RMBMC! We don’t mind doing the same.

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