New Belgium’s New Winter Seasonal: Snow Day

New Belgium’s New Winter Seasonal: Snow Day

Every winter, I looked forward to New Belgium releasing 2° Below to delight my taste buds after a day on mountains. However, this year they threw us all for a loop and gave us a new winter seasonal, Snow Day.

Snow Day is much darker than 2° Below. When compared to other dark beers, it can be considered light in body, not in taste. My disappointment in not having a 2 Below this year is almost calmed by the new Snow Day. Snow Day can definitely be a beer I will drink after a day of playing in the snow. It can help warm you up, gives you the carbs to make turns through the powder and is an overall refreshing, delicious addition to the New Belgium family.

It is a lightly hopped beer with subtle chocolate and caramel flavors and the bitterness of this beer is not overwhelming(not like an IPA). The flavors are that of winter and kind of make you want to go out and play in the Snow.

Snow Day got its inspiration from a massive 37-inch apocalyptic snowstorm that hit Fort Collins in 2003. Everything was shut down, trucks couldn’t deliver food and the weight of the snow was taking down buildings. The brewers at New Belgium were so inspired by the glistening white snowflakes, that on the third day when the sun broke through the clouds, they just had to start brewing.

This is what they had to say in their own words about their inspiration:

“The name Snow Day evoked joyful freedom. Everyone remembers waiting for the school report as little kids. When you heard your school was closed, you suddenly had all day to play in the transformed, white landscape. Well, that’s the kind of emotions we put into this beer.” – New Belgium

Here are the facts:

ABV – 6.2%

IBU – 55

Calories – 190 (Don’t worry you burn more pedaling our giant bike)

Hops – Styrian Goldings, Centennial Cascade

Malts – Pale, C-80, Midnight Wheat


It is the time of year for freedom, joy and a SNOW DAY. I recommend either stopping by the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins or finding you closet bar that serves it up!



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