Mustache Love Affairs

Mustache Love Affairs

In this season of love, we would like to pay tribute to the hottest mustaches of all time. Say hello to some of the mustaches that we love…

Kevin Dillon: Entourage would not be the same without you and your mustache. Your sensitive yet rugged look is why we love you!

Tom Selleck: It doesn’t get much better than this. Your have a timeless mustache that we have loved for generations and will love for generations to come.

Bradley Cooper: Your mustache complements the color of your eyes. Your scruffy look has been an inspiration to many. Anyone would want to wake up to your mustache with a hangover.

Hulk Hogan: You are famous for your handlebar mustache and we thank you!

Colin Farrell: Your mustache gives you a tough and sexy look women appreciate. Where have you been all our life?

Mark Ruffalo: Your mustache gives you a seductive and sexy look no one can resist.

Will Ferrell: You sir, are a sex panther!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Love the ‘stache!




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