It’s Beer Season: Review of Rocktoberfest

It’s Beer Season: Review of Rocktoberfest

Yes I might be buzzed as I write this, but ‘tis the season for good beer drinking. Oktoberfest beers are being poured out of taps all acround the world right now. We parked the bike out front of Walnut Brewery in Boulder, Colo. to enjoy the festivities in a glass of their own Rocktoberfest.

First let’s discuss the history of Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a 16-18 day beer festival that is held annually in Munich, Germany starting in late September and goes to the first weekend of October. It is perhaps one of the most famous events in Germany and is considered to be the world’s largest fair.  The Germans have been celebrating Oktoberfest since 1810. Other cities have such adopted the celebration. Fort Collins kicked off Oktoberfest last weekend. Oktoberfest is a must on the bucket list of all beer lovers.

A traditional Oktoberfest beer is a lager with a malty base of two row Pilsners. Hops tend to be of a Noble variety and are very light. Malt is the star in any good Oktoberfest and Rocktoberfest definitely encompasses that.

Walnut Brewery describes this beer as: “full-bodied with a classic sweet flavor, our Oktoberfest-style beer that is an award-winning beer that is rich with a toasted malt character and finishes with a subtle crisp hop.”

Personally, I don’t think it is that full-bodied. This beer is very light and crispy. The “subtle crisp hop” is too subtle. You can really taste the toasted malt, but it lacks the punch that many Octoberfest beers have I highly recommend this beer to anyone who is interested in taking the first steps into an Oktoberfest style beer. Other Oktoberfest style beers I have tried have a much stronger and ore pronounced flavor.

Walnut Brewery - Rocktoberfest

Celebrate the season with Rocktoberfest at Walnut Brewery. You will love this beer and it pairs excellently with Oktoberfest Combo.




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