Hot Colorado Day Tips

Hot Colorado Day Tips

Alright folks- we know you’re excited for the heat wave Colorado is finally receiving. But we can’t just jump on our pedal powered pub crawler or adventure in to our Rocky Mountains without gearing up and getting down on some water!

Theres no doubt that, as a  Coloradan, you’ll want to soak up some of that high-altitude sunshine as the weather warms up, but please don’t forget your sunscreen. Look for sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher when buying and use roughly an ounce, or an entire handful, when applying it on. Don’t forget to apply it everywhere (even behind your ears!). Check out CBIA’s website for more tips on selecting, applying, and using sunscreen properly.

Despite what you may think, water is MyHandleBar’s friend, not foe. If you’re headed out to enjoy the weather, make sure you take your water bottles with you! Besides ensuring that you will not pass out on a trail in the wilderness, drinking water has other health benefits, such as skin elasticity and weight loss. Check out this list of benefits on Activebeat. There’s no reason to say no to H2O!

Let’s all keep in mind though that the sun is out every season and the altitude is still mile high all over Colorado. We believe these little reminders should be everyday practices, even if you’re not out on your cruiser 🙂



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