Hey, it’s snowing…but I’m still riding!

Hey, it’s snowing…but I’m still riding!

So we finally had a first real good snow in Colorado! Yahoo! But wait…you still want to ride your bike to work or school?!

Here are some quick tips on getting that bike winter ready!

Snow friendly tires

  • Use mountain bike tires
  • Get studded tires
  • Use the zip tie method like in the picture!

Keep the corrosion at bay!

  • Wipe your bike down after every ride whenever possible
  • Thoroughly wash as often as possible
  • Don’t leave in the freezing cold to dry
  • WD-40 all moving parts

Full fenders!

  • These can keep some of those important parts on the bike from getting splashed and sloshed with grit and grime off those snowy, salty, sandy roads.

Smart gear to stay warm

  • Thin layers with a dry wicking base layer to pull that sweat off you.
  • Avoid a heavy coat that will cause you to sweat more while trapping the sweat on your body and in turn make you colder as it freezes.
  • Check out additional tips from 303 Cycling!

Light it up!

  • Since daylight savings time it gets dark early!
  • For snowy weather, especially, you want to keep yourself and your bike well lit with lights and reflectors.


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