Going Rogue!

Going Rogue!


If there is one beer company that well deserves its praise as being one heck of a good supper, that would be Rogue Brewing. Yes, we know this is not a Colorado native but in fact from the great Northwest state of Oregon; however, we also would not want you to miss out on some fantastic brews!

So that being said, run (please don’t walk) to your closest liquor store and buy at least one of their beers. We highly suggest the Hazelnut Brown Nectar– a sweet, smooth, chocolate brew with a honey finish. Another great one is the Rogue Farm Good Chit Pilsner. This concoction is a small batch with a great barley taste. One more option that may just knock you on your feet is the New Crustacean Barleywine-ish IPA-sorta– it’s wild how strong this brew is but a good kickback is a good beer!

Actually, just grab any beers of theirs that you see on the self and call it good. We promise you won’t be disappointed with a Rogue beer in hand!

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