Feeling Chilled? Hot Pool Party!

Feeling Chilled? Hot Pool Party!


Last time we checked, it was May. But according to mother nature here in Colorado, it’s still winter time. So, since we’re all chilled to the bone, how about jumping in a nice pool of hot water? A hot spring, to be exact. Here’s a few springs near by that may shake this past weekend’s snow ridden chill from our bodies one last time before the weather (possibly) warms up.

Glenwood Springs– this one is a classic. Since 1888, this resort and spa has been drawing in visitors. But even before then, the Ute Native Americans made pilgrimages to the springs. Swim up and down their football field length pool as warm as bath water. Spend the day flopping around, keeping warm and toasty!

Steamboat Springs– In this town, there’s a few places to dip your toes in the sulphur suds. Try out Old Town Hot Springs if you’d enjoy a multi-use complex offering 8 different pools, 2 water slides and a fitness center. Want a place a little more relaxed? Try out Strawberry Park Hot Springs just outside of Steamboat. This place offers a slightly more secluded feel and multiple spa amenities.

Indian Hot Springs– a little bit closer to most of our readers is this spa, which also offers a lot of relaxing amenities and boasts of the water’s healing properties. This spa is just outside of Denver in Idaho Springs.


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