Electric Bikes- Fun And Economical!

Electric Bikes- Fun And Economical!


Photo from Optibike.com


We’ve all heard the puttering of a bicycle with a motor attached, chugging up a hill. But have you ever heard of an electric bike?

The electric bike is a new twist on a commute to work or an adventure in the mountains. You can ride an electric bike just like you would any regular bike, but if you need a little boost, let’s say, up a hill, an electric bike will be there for you. The bike offers an electric assist while pedaling, or to even take a break from pedaling while still moving forward. You just unplug the bike when you’re ready to roll and your riding experience is instantly enhanced.

Essentially, these bikes run on battery life. An inexpensive bike choice would be for about 3 hours but there are some that can give you  so much more. Advanced electric bikes can take you up to 100 miles. Optibike, based out of Boulder, has been called the Ferrari of electric bikes and are known for their fantastic battery life. They are meant to enhance your experience and prolong the life of any road trip. Their website depicts the health benefits of using an electric bike, such as losing weight, staying fit, and still having fun while doing so! Optibike offers a large variety of bike styles, including commuter bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes.

Specialized Bicycle also offers a sleek design for electric bikes, or E-bikes. The Turbo can go up to roughly 28mph and is described to add superhuman power to anyone that rides it. The Turbo is a truly innovative electric bike with the soul of a commuter and the heart of a sports car.  Watch this awesome video about the Turbo.


Yes, we realize that electric bikes do cost a pretty penny. But the experience is worth so much more. MyHandleBar loves the idea of everyone pedaling. And who doesn’t prefer electric over gas powered? Economical and fun!

Here’s a video that describes more in depth electric bikes and reviews a couple brands.


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