Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

Image from Personal Database This chilly weather has us thinking about beer- in particular, one that will keep us warm until the sun decides to show up again. And we believe we have just the one to keep our blood moving and help us avoid slipping back in to hibernation too soon- Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla  Porter. Breckenridge Brewery  opened its doors in 1990 and became the first brewery to package craft beer in 6 and 12 packs. Today you can... Read More

Grilling With Beer

Finally it’s warm enough to whip off the cover, crank up the propane, light the wood chips on the grills and get to cooking some amazing meals! Although we’re pretty sure that most of you didn’t let snowy weather stop you if you truly were having a craving for BBQ this past winter. But now that the weather is finally becoming more acceptable to wear flip-flops, let’s cook some food! Of course, we suggest adding a little beer... Read More

Rocky Mountain Beard And Moustache Club

Photo From RMBMC’s Facebook Page Somehow we missed the memo but possibly you have heard of the phenominal club in Ft. Collins- The Rocky Mountain Beard and Moustache Club! The exact description of the overly-manly club states “an all inclusive club for those who grow, love, and support facial hair.” They also point out “Rocky Mountain Men have been growing our facial hair to combat the elements since man inhabited the caves... Read More

Breckenridge Spring Beer Festival

Photo From We’re convinced Breckenridge has the perfect beer festival attitude- at LEAST one a season. So here it is! The 9th Annual Breckenridge Spring Beer Festival! What more could we ask for than a mountain side to gaze upon, cute bunnies, fresh flowers, and fantastic beer straight from the tap of the brewers themselves? You could even get a few runs in before hand! Saturday, April 4th, plan be at Ridge Street in Downtown... Read More

Hops & Handrails 2015

Image from Google Image from Google Now that the cold weather is on its way out, it’s time for beer festivals to start up- and we couldn’t be happier! What better festival to start the season than Left Hand Brewing Company’s Hops and Handrails: Beer Fest and Rail Jams. Saturday, March the 28th in Longmont’s Roosevelt Park  from 12-5pm there will be a beer fest featuring 50 breweries and a 40+ high snowboard ramp and rail jam... Read More