Hops & Handrails 2015

Image from Google Image from Google Now that the cold weather is on its way out, it’s time for beer festivals to start up- and we couldn’t be happier! What better festival to start the season than Left Hand Brewing Company’s Hops and Handrails: Beer Fest and Rail Jams. Saturday, March the 28th in Longmont’s Roosevelt Park  from 12-5pm there will be a beer fest featuring 50 breweries and a 40+ high snowboard ramp and rail jam... Read More

Classic Irish Beer to Celebrate!

Photo from Google Images We’re sure you’ve done your fair share of celebrating this weekend already, but we’re not quite done with the fantastic Irish inspired drinking holiday! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are not straying from the traditional Irish beer. Instead of a fancy craft beer, we are going to highly suggest you grab hold of some Guinness this coming Tuesday. Now, exactly which Guinness is completely up to your... Read More

Sip On A Cider

Image from Google If you ever go to Ireland, you’ll have a choice between 2 different beers- a Guiness (obviously) or a Magners Irish Cider. And it’s between these two choices that you shouldn’t have much trouble creating a great night for yourself! If you’ve never had a cider, imagine Apple jui   ce and beer got together and made a great, crisp, refreshing beverage. Magners really sticks to traditional methods of creating... Read More

St. Patty’s Day Festivities

Photo from Lucky Joe’s Parade Website The infamous drinking holiday is upon us- St. Patrick’s Day! Looking for a lucky place to celebrate the gleeful day and show off every piece of green clothing in you closet? We were hoping you’d say yes… In Ft. Collin’s, don’t miss out on Lucky Joe’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade starting at 10 a.m., Saturday March 14th. The parade and party are FREE to the public and... Read More

Keepin’ Cozy!

Image from Google Hunker down, Colorado! There’s not much reason to leave home today- nor for the next few, if you don’t have to work! Netflix, a snuggly pet and some good brews are the way to go today. Need a suggestion on what to scoop up if you do bundle up and head to the local liqour store? We’d say a  Deschute’s Chainbreaker IPA will keep you warm and make your trip out in to snowmegedon worth while! This tasty white... Read More