Image From Google Images ‘Tis the season to be thankful! Everyone is preparing the turkey, gathering around their tables and reciting what they’re thankful for. MyHandleBar, too, is greatful for many things! Our list includes the stuff that keeps us going day to day: beer, mustaches, breweries, bikes… And, of course, our riders!! So this week’s blog is meant to simply say this- thank you, riders, for your support of... Read More

Mustache Dache!!

Photo from Mustache Dash Website Here at MyHandleBar, we support Movember. The more Mustaches, the better, we say!! In Denver City Park this Saturday, November 22 at 9:00am, the great Mustache Dache will kick off! Yes, we know this is a little last minute, but this is a cause to get behind! Men, women and children are all invited to embrace their inner Mario or Luigi and participate in this slightly irreverent 5k. All participants receive a t-shirt... Read More

Vail- The Colorado Good Life

Photo from Google Images Have you had the chance to spend some time in Vail yet? Well, if not, we highly suggest you do! Vail may seem like just a strip of buildings along the highway, but once you get in to it, we’d say it’s more of a labyrinth of great ski shops, good resturants, hotels and cozy fireplaces! The Lionshead Plaza  is full of shopping for everyone, whether you’re looking for some new ski boots to a classic Vail sweatshirt... Read More

That’s Good Karma!

Photo from Google Images Avery Brewing in Boulder is one of our favorite local breweries- how could it not be with all of the tasty ales it has to offer? One beer that we have a hard time passing up is the Karma. Why, you might ask, do we love this brew so deeply? Well, do you believe in Karma? At Avery, they sure do. “You get what you give” can be tasted in every sip, meaning Avery puts in great effort to ensure this beer tastes amazing-and... Read More

Winter Is A Brewing!!

Photo From Google Images Alas, the season of Oktober fests has ended. But that doesn’t mean the plethora of amazing seasonal brews has! Yes, we all crave a great pumpkin spiced beer, but now we have to move on to all the fantastic drinks winter provides! How about a Isolation Ale from Odell Brewing in Ft. Collins? This brew is a sweet caramel  malty ale that is balanced by a subtle hop finish, the perfect combo to grab after a day of play outside... Read More