Colorado Pride- Local Farmer’s Markets

What’s one place that you can see the culture of a city shine through? A farmer’s market. These fantastic little set ups display an array of hard working individuals selling local goods, produce, crafts, and business ventures. When you really want to see the soul of a city, take a walk around a market, taste the delicious fare it has to offer, discuss distinctive leather works and soaps with the person who built them from scratch.  Thankfully,... Read More

Going Rogue!

If there is one beer company that well deserves its praise as being one heck of a good supper, that would be Rogue Brewing. Yes, we know this is not a Colorado native but in fact from the great Northwest state of Oregon; however, we also would not want you to miss out on some fantastic brews! So that being said, run (please don’t walk) to your closest liquor store and buy at least one of their beers. We highly suggest the Hazelnut Brown Nectar–... Read More

Denver’s Summer Beer Fest

Image from Google Who doesn’t appreciate another beer fest during these hot summer months? How about hitting up Denver’s Summer Brew Fest July 24th and 25th? Head to the Mile High Station from 7-10th to enjoy live music, fantastic food vendors, and of course, great local craft beer! Breweries include ones such as Great Divide Brewing Co, Eddyline, Wynkoop, Oskar Blues and much more! Like all good things, this event is not free. Purchase... Read More


Love IPAs? So do we! The West End Tavern in Boulder agrees that IPAs should be celebrated at length. On July 11th from 12pm-4pm at the Millennium Hotel, these guys are holding their 7th annual Jul-IPA festival. Join in on the celebration and enjoy IPAs from 35+ breweries, live music and great food! Breweries involved include Left Hand Brewing Co., Avery Brewing Co., Oskar Blues Brewing Co. and more! Find your tickets HERE. All proceeds will benefit... Read More

Time To Get Crackin’!

Image from Google Time to light some fire works off and celebrate ‘Merica! But you don’t have to sit at home by your lonesome for this 4th of July- we have a few ideas that will make you feel you’ve done your civil duty in celebrating! Fort Collins- want to get the day started on the right foot? Try the FireKracker 5k! Be at City Park at 7:30 to start your holiday off healthy. The event is open to participants of all levels; you... Read More