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Affordable, safe, totally different than anything you’ve probably ever done before…and a ton of fun!! Here’s a breakdown of our prices…divide it among 16 of your closest buddies, and it’s totally do’able!fun party ideas

As of March 1, 2013 we are NOW OPEN YEAR ROUND!

  • Friday and Saturday: $180/hr. (two-hour minimum)
  • Sunday-Thursday: $160/hr. (two-hour minimum)
  • Holidays: $200/hr. (two-hour minimum, three-hour minimum for Tour de Fat) (Halloween, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, Easter and Tour de Fat)

Payment Policy

The full balance is due at the time the reservation is booked.

Cancellation: You must cancel a tour at least seven days prior to your tour in order to receive a 50% refund of your tour cost. Any cancellations received less than seven days prior to a tour will be charged the full cost of the tour.

Late Fee: Tours are scheduled for a minimum of two hours. If a renter goes beyond that time, the renter will be charged $200 on the credit card they used to pay.

Damage: If the renter or the renting group damages the bike in any way, they will be charged an automatic fee of $200 to the renter’s credit card.

Weather Policy: There are no refunds due to poor weather. We ride regardless of rain, snow or low temperatures – after all we are in Colorado! For extreme weather situations, where bike travel would not be feasible or safe for the passengers, the decision to cancel the tour will be made at least two hours before the designated tour time. In the case of a cancellation due to extreme weather, a rain check will be issued that can be redeemed within 90 days. Examples of such weather may include but are not limited to:

  • High wind advisory: typically over 40mph (due to the high profile of the bike)
  • More than three inches of snow and/or substantial ice on the ground
  • Severe thunderstorm with heavy lightning

Bike Policy

Yes, it’s a giant party bike and yes it’s tons of fun, but there are some rules; the most important of which is that we ask that you are safe, considerate and have fun!

  • All riders must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID.
  • All riders must sign an insurance liability form prior to riding the bike.
  • No exiting the bike while the bike is in motion.
  • Respect all people around you. No throwing items from the bike or swearing at spectators.
  • MyHandleBar will provide helmets to riders, but they are not required to wear them.
  • MyHandleBar is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items while on the bike.
  • All inappropriate behavior by passengers before, after or during the tours will cause MyHandleBar to ask that passenger to leave. These offenses include:
    • Extreme intoxication
    • Providing alcohol to non-passengers
    • Public urination
    • Littering
    • Excessive Noise
    • All glass is prohibited on MyHandleBar
    • Please have a designated driver for the ride home. Don’t drink and drive.