About Us

Colorado native Theresa Preston started MyHandleBar in May 2011 with the mission to create an amazing group activity that combined her love of cycling, partying with her friends and being outside in the beautiful cities of Ft. Collins and Boulder, Colorado. Preston reasoned that surely other people shared her passions, so MyHandleBar was launched. This elaborate party bike is specially made in the Netherlands and is equipped for 16 riders and one designated driver.

MyHandleBar routes include craft breweries, famous bars and local landmarks for you to explore with up to 15 friends.

Check out our brewery and bar tours or design your own custom route for your next group outing. MyHandleBar is great for bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, tailgates, family reunions, birthday parties, scavenger hunts or just a really giant party with some friends.


The original company was called “fietscafe,” which is a loose Dutch translation for “Bike Café.” And, like a great many out-of-the-box ideas, this one started in a pub, was spurred on by a friendly wager and was literally sketched out on a bar napkin.

The first design was developed by two brothers in the city of Stroe, in the Netherlands, when a local pub owner challenged them to create the large bike that would be completed for the Queen’s Day Parade. They not only built the amazing bike on time, but created an international business out of it.

About Theresa Preston

MyHandleBar was founded and is owned by Colorado native, Theresa Preston. Theresa is a business owner, a serial entrepreneur and gives back to the Boulder and Fort Collins communities with various fundraising and philanthropic activities.

Preston has a strong tie to the northern Colorado area. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and a minor in Merchandise from Colorado State University in 2001 and is a local business owner.

Preston was the youngest owner of Plato’s Closet when she bought the first of four locations in December 2002. She currently owns two locations in Colorado.

As an active participant in several local non-profits, Preston believes in supporting local families, causes and charities. She has been involved in Speak Up for two years, an organization with a mission to raise awareness and prevent sexual assault. In November 2010, she planned and executed the fundraising fashion show, “Hope is Always in Fashion.” All funds raised (a little over $4,000) were donated to the local Pink Ribbon Foundation, with the proceeds going directly to Colorado residents. Preston is also extremely excited about her recent trip to Masese, Uganda where she helped the Loveland, CO organization Help-Uganda aid their new H.E.L.P. Primary school and the orphanage Zandia’s House funded by Bigger Than Beads.